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Crop Circles are entheogenic. If they are fake, it might be the only true art form left (and possibly the grandest ever conceived and executed). If it falls under the notion of “prank”, by definition, it must remain anonymous.  Those who claim the work, when demonstrating their technique, fall miserably short of the intricacies involved, especially in the dark, clandestine, and with a time limit. There are no mistakes, and they are always complete, finished within a matter of hours, and no-one being able to spot them in the process. The most aesthetically pleasing ones defy explanation, no matter how you look at it. In order for this art to be effective in its intention, no credit must be taken, painstaking planning and implementation are involved, and skilled stealth techniques must be practiced and acquired.  There is no school for this. The real art school seems to be the earth and its fields of grain and stalk. You can’t sell it, it’s temporary, and it transcends the ego driven, heroin induced, and very urban “artist mystique”. The experience, the work, speaks volumes beyond words.

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Every Crop Circle in England in 2009 with co-ordinates

A Crop Circle in a field in Wiltshire, one of many from 2009.
Wansdyke Path, Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire | 2nd July 2009 - Wheat | Photo © by Steve Alexander.

Crop Circles have been around for many years. They range from simple circles to complex mathematical designs. It is still open to dispute whether some are caused by natural phenomena or all created by human hand.

Google has caused a bit of a stir with today’s crop circle doodle. Crop circles are increasingly used for advertising, like this one for Nike which appeared in Italy in 2005.

Using the Crop Circle Archive we’ve compiled a list of all the crop circle incidents in England this year. Wiltshire is definitely the crop circle hotspot of the UK, with 78 of the 93 appearing there and nine in Milk Hill alone. We’ve also added the coordinates so you can map them. What can you do with it?

• DATA: Every crop circle in England in 2009


Crop Circles Photo Library

Latest Crop Circle Images by Steve Alexander.

Crop Circle Etiquette

Guidelines for visiting formations

The most important thing you will need if you plan to visit any crop circles this summer.

The Pink Book
Click cover to download the PDF file

This little booklet is packed with practical information and advice about things to think about, and be mindful of, when visiting the crop circles and should be the constant companion to all those visiting the fields.

The importance of this little book cannot be overstated. It is an open attempt by the crop circle community to engage with the farmers and to improve awareness of both the countryside and the farmers’ concerns about those visiting the fields.

The PINK BOOK is funded entirely by donations from the crop circle community and the general public. We really need your support to keep this vital little book in print. Donations can be sent to the address below. Cheques made payable to THE PINK BOOK please. Any amount, no matter how small is welcome.


You can download a PDF of the pink book for free, which you can then read or print out at home, by clicking on the book cover opposite.

Copies of the PINK BOOK will be also be available at tourist sites throughout Wiltshire, but you can also get your copy free by sending a stamped, addressed (A5 sized) envelope to:

6 Townsend Farm Cottages
Horton, Wiltshire SN10 3NE

IMPORTANT: You will need to put a LARGE LETTER stamp on the envelope. If there is no postage, or inadequate postage on your envelope - it will not be sent back to you.

We can also supply multiple copies for tour groups in return for a small donation to our printing fund. We suggest a donation of 50p per copy.


Crop Circle Etiquette - Guidelines for visiting formations

We hope to spread this little book as far and as widely as we can. Many researchers carry a few copies with them to give out to people they may meet inside the circles - this is a great idea. They can also be given to any farmers you may meet. Copies can be obtained from the address above.

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